Oliver & Patch by Claire Freedman, illustrated by Kate Hindley

Oliver is finding the big city a lonely and scary place but when he finds a little lost dog he makes his first friend in the city.
The trouble is, he knows that somewhere out there someone is missing the little dog just as much as he is loving having him, So, with a heavy heart, Oliver sets about doing the right thing.

– Simon & Schuster

Monsters Love Underpants by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort

There are prowly monsters howling loudly and drooling monsters from the steamy swamp. There are wild, woolly mountain monsters and spiky, spooky monsters from outer space. And they all have one thing in common – they LOVE underpants!

Simon & Schuster

Dragon Jelly by Claire Freedman & Sue Hendra

Hooray! It’s bouncy castle time,

but this one’s extra mucky.

As the monsters jump & bump,

it sprays out gunk – SPLAT-YUCKY!

Dragon Jelly Recipe

  1. Generous spoonfuls of big & bold illustrations
  2. A ladleful of raucous rhyming text
  3. Oodles of onomatopoeias, e.g. A splat, a kapow, a buzzing, a drool
  4. Lots of monsters
  5. Some worms
  6. A box of frogs
  7. Some hot dragon jelly

Max is having a monster party. They play all sorts of yucky games then cool down in a fruitbat drool paddling pool! Then it’s teatime, with termite tarts, earwig rolls and eyeball cake. But the real treat is the red-hot dragon jelly!

– Bloomsbury

25th September 2014

Available in paperback for £6.99 – hardback for £10.99