Crunch! By Carolina Rabei

This guinea pig enjoys his food (a little bit too much). He certainly doesn’t like the idea of sharing. The mere suggestion of this makes him dreadfully cantankerous. Poor little mouse is very hungry, but Crunch the guinea pig refuses to hand over any of his stash.

Mouse then goes in search of some grub and suddenly Crunch starts to feel incredibly guilty. What if something awful happens to mouse? He can’t eat another thing and for the first time in his life he steps foot outside of the safety of his hutch. Will he be reunited with little mouse? Will little mouse ever forgive him?

Crunch! Is a sweet story with themes of friendship, sharing and forgiveness. The illustrations and colours are inviting and will continue to draw children back to it again and again.

I really enjoy the books published by Child’s Play. They are exactly that, child focused and playful.

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