My Stencil Kit: Draw, colour and create your own stories by Hervé Tullet

From the best-selling children’s author of Press Here and Mix it Up! comes an imaginative children’s stencil kit for children to experiment and play with. The kit includes a paperback sketchbook with six die-cut boards and more than 200 stencil shapes to create their artwork and stories with.

Published by Thames & Hudson

Mix It Up by Hervé Tullet

Who can resist brightly- coloured, gloopy, thick, splodges of paint? Isn’t it everyone’s instinct to shove their hands and face in it and ‘mix it up’, or is that just me?

If you are a fan of Hervé Tullet’s book ‘Press Here’ you will love ‘Mix it up’. Like ‘Press Here’, Hervé Tullet instructs the reader to interact with the book on each page, telling us to tap thumb prints, mix different colours, smear paint, tilt the book and shake it. Using their imagination and what they’ve learnt, the child envisages what they have created.

In my opinion, Herve Tullet’s books contain the essence of childhood; freedom of expression, creativity, innocence, the act of learning through play and exploration, all with plenty of laughter. His books ooze enjoyment and discovery.

Not only does the book offer bundles of magic and wonder, it’s educational! It teaches the child about basic colour mixing in a way that is both charming and engaging.

Visually, the book is spectacular. The colours are striking, bold and cheerful. Finger prints and smudges make up an abundance of beautiful imperfections that are dotted around the edges like little smiling, happy accidents.

As an adult viewing this book, it feels like I’ve been taken back in time to the local village hall playgroup, 1986. 4 years old, I’ve got a green tank top on and I’m wearing a painting apron that looks like Joseph’s technicoloured dreamcoat. My hands are dripping in paint and I’m looking up at a giant sheet of sugar paper with a licence to attack it with all the poster paint in the world. Happy days!

Help! We Need A Title by Hervé Tullet

I’m a huge fan of Hervé Tullet, noone makes picture books quite like him. They’re playful, imaginative and interactive, they encourage the reader to create through play. His books are a work of art that allow the reader to engage with it and become a part of it. His books are a creative collaboration between him and the child. Help! We need a title is an exciting new book that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

From one of the most acclaimed and dynamic picture book makers of his time comes a book that tests the very meaning of a picture book story, plays havoc with formal type and design and speaks directly to its readers!

A new picture book from Hervé Tullet! How exciting. Open it up – see what’s inside! Hello! There’s lots of characters. And they’re looking right at YOU. They seem to be a bit surprised… Hmmm, maybe they’re not quite ready? (The drawing’s a bit messy, too. It looks like this illustrator has some more work to do.) Let’s read on and see. Uh-oh – it seems the characters don’t actually know what to DO! Hang on … there’s not even a STORY because – guess what?! – this book isn’t FINISHED! But while you’re here (and because you probably DO want a story, right?) they’re going to try and find one for you. And they might just need the help of a certain author…

Description taken from Walker Books