This is Not a Book by Jean Jullien

Jean Jullien is an exciting new talent to hit the children’s book market. With his unique style and playful illustrations, he has created a board book that makes his young readers look at things from a different perspective.

Each turn of the page, presents us with a new way to imagine this rectangular shape of the double page. The book presents us with suprising views of the world: it becomes a gaping, open mouth, an open laptop, a set of piano keys with sheet music and a birdseye view of a man tightrope walker.

It’s a deceptively simple and playful concept and can be enjoyed simply as that alone. However, I feel it could be used to inspire children to explore other shapes in the world around them and develop their problem solving abilities. What if the book was a semi circle and the pages opened up into a circle? What could the images inside reveal?

My Verdict:

This is Not a Book is a playful, imaginative board book that encourages young minds to think outside of the box and explore the world around them.

Published by Phaidon.



Ralf by Jean Jullien

This is the debut picture book from exciting new talent Jean Jullien.


Image taken from Jean Jullien’s website.

Ralf, the sausage dog, with his elongated body, keeps getting under his family’s feet. This makes Ralf very sad. But, when his family need him most he is able to stretch himself to his limits to save his family from potential disaster.

With beautiful, bold illustrations, a heart warming story and a VERY cool front cover – this is a winner for me!

Published by Frances Lincoln Children’s Books.

Hoot Owl, Master of Disguise by Sean Taylor Illustrated by Jean Jullien

Hoot Owl – Master of disguise!

Will he ever catch himself some dinner?

He is seen by his prey as a nocturnal nightmare of a neighbour. He’ll stop at no end to pull the wool over their eyes and lure them into his crafty traps. Dressed as a giant carrot, disguised as a lamb or standing perfectly still while balancing a bird bath on his head, he demonstrates determination and ambition. Unfortunately, luck is not on his side, his prey just keep getting away.

It’s a very funny book with bold, striking illustrations.

A picture book in which you’ll find yourself rooting for the bad guy.

Published by Walker Books

  • Published: 05 Mar 2015
  • Price: £11.99