Never Ever by Jo Empson

Jo Empson smashed into the picture book world with her spectacular debut Rabbityness.

In her follow up Never Ever, we follow a little girl, as shew wanders through the countryside. Nothing ever happens to her, never ever (or so she thinks). We, the reader, see all the things she is oblivious to… a giant gorilla, a big scary crocodile like beast, flying pigs.

Jo‘s loose illustration technique creates movement and fluidity on the page. It feels dreamlike and playful.

It’s a great stimulus for children to create their own stories.

Published by Child’s Play.

Check out the magpie Jo did for me a while back. (So good)

Rabbity Magpie

Rabbityness by Jo Empson

The design of this book is stunning with unique, eye-catching artwork showing bold splashes of bright colour set against jet black silhouettes.

The somewhat difficult theme of ‘loss’ is also tackled with heartfelt sensitivity, making it a fanastic edition to any bookshelf or library.

Child’s Play

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