Quick Quack Quentin by Kes Gray, illustrated by Jim Field

After the enormous success of Oi Frog and How Many Legs? Kes Grey and Jim Field are back! And as you would expect, their latest picture book, Quick Quack Quentin, is both wonderfully witty and ceaselessly clever. I’m always struck by the inventiveness of Kes Grey’s writing.

Quentin loses the A in his quack but the doctor only has the letters D O C T E and R, none of which will fix Quentin’s ill-fitting qu_ck. So he optimistically waddles off to the farm. No luck there either. However, Dog kindly offer him his O, he tries it out for size – Quock! But that doesn’t quite sound right, does it?. Quentin is offered other letters from other sympathetic animals. Unhappy with his strange sounding – qu ck, quock, queck, he goes to the zoo to try his luck there.

As you can imagine, this picture book is a great one to read aloud. Guaranteed to make those little ones chuckle. Especially, when paired with the wonderfully illustrated characters of Jim Field’s creative mind.

It’s also a fun and engaging way to develop your child’s knowledge of phonics.

Highly recommended by Mr Magpie.


Release date: February 11th

Published by Hodder’s Children’s books



Zippo the Super Hippo by Kes Gray, illustrated by Nikki Dyson

Kes Gray author of Oi Frog and How Many Legs teams up with the brilliant Nikki Dyson to create this fun-filled picture book about a Hippo and his quest to find his unique super power.

What super power could a Hippo possibly have, you may well ask? Well as many unfortunate animals find out in the process of his quest, he has an enormous bottom! A super bottom if you will! A bottom of immense power! King of the bottoms!

Children are going to love the bottom-content in this book; it’s going to have kids in stitches. It certainly made me chuckle and brought a smile to my face.

The joyous illustrations by Nikki Dyson are a perfect fit for the comical writing of Kes Grey.

Published by Macmillan Children’s Books.

Check out the Magpie Nikki illustrated for me a while back.

Nikki Dyson
Nikki Dyson

How Many Legs? By Kes Gray, illustrated by Jim Field

From the team that brought you the show-stopping, Pièce de résistance of 2014 – ‘Oi Frog’ – comes…

How Many Legs? A riotous counting book that requires a moderate level of problem solving ability (I’m speaking from an adult’s perspective).

Kes Grey weaves laughter and joy onto the page with his rhyming words and Jim Field personifies them with his vibrant and expressive illustrations.

For me, Kes Gray and Jim Field are up there in the realms of dynamic duos, competing with the likes of Jon Klassen and Mac Barnett.

Published by Hodder Children’s Books