Charley Harper Colors by Gloria Fowler

This lovely book helps youngsters identify colors through vivid illustrations that capture their imagination. Early readers can also recognize the written names of the colors, as each one is spelled out in its corresponding color.

Ammo Books

Tyler Makes Pancakes! by Tyler Florence, illustrated by Craig Frazier

From farm to mouth. This charming book educates us about our food and where it comes from. Filled with beautiful illustrations.

Where Bear? By Sophy Henn

My review: I love this book!

I should probably say why, here are 14 reasons…

  1. It’s simplicity
  2. The bold coloured backgrounds
  3. The character designs
  4. The boy’s Breton jumper
  5. Sophy’s signature
  6. The mat finish
  7. The quality of the paper
  8. The typography on the front cover
  9. The bear’s pot belly
  10. The rhythm of the words
  11. The old school red telephone
  12. Sophy’s little puffin illustrations on the spine & title page
  13. The end pages
  14. The exquisite illustrations

The story is of a bear, who lives with a boy in a house. The bear outgrows the house. The boy tries to find his friend a more suitable home.

This is Sophy Henn’s debut picture book. I for one can’t wait for the next.

Watch this space, a Q&A with Sophy is coming soon.

Oh, you can follow Sophy on twitter @SophyHenn

Check out her lovely website

Where Bear? by Sophy Henn out now in hardback (£11.99, Puffin)