TIM TO THE RESCUE by Edward Ardizzone, audio by Stephen Fry

Bored with his schoolwork, Tim is longing to be at sea again when who should appear but his old friend, Captain McFee! On board ship, Tim befriends Ginger, the first ship’s boy. When mischievous Ginger gets into trouble, Tim must use all of his resourcefulness to come to the rescue.

Frances Lincoln

TIM’S FRIEND TOWSER by Edward Ardizzone, audio by Stephen Fry

Tim and Ginger are working cabin boys on the S.S. Royal Fusilier when they find a puppy in one of the lifeboats. They decide to call him Towser and smuggle him on board, avoiding the watchful eyes of Captain Piper, who hates dogs. But as time goes on, Towser grows bigger and bigger…

Frances Lincoln

LITTLE TIM AND THE BRAVE SEA CAPTAIN by Edward Ardizzone, audio by Stephen Fry

A young boy wants to be a sailor, but his parents say he is much too young. Tim grabs the chance to stow away on a steamer, but little does he expect the hard work, stormy sea and sinking ship to come.

Frances Lincoln

Timeless classics, reissued with exquisite, high production value. The illustrations switch between black and white and colour line drawings – in 1956, Edward Ardizzone received the prestigious Kate Greenaway medal for the illustrations in Tim All Alone.

The stories capture children’s imaginations with their spirit of adventure and the great outdoors. The tangible objects, coupled with the audio link where you can listen to the books told beautifully by the brilliant Stephen Fry, make these reissues a treasure for anyone’s bookshelf.

Personally, I could listen to Stephen Fry reading the shipping forecast and I would be on the edge of my seat.