The Dinner That Cooked Itself by J. C. Hsyu and Kenard Pak

The story is based on an ancient Chinese folk tale, it tells the story of a humble, hardworking, young man called Tuan, who was looking for love and companionship. A matchmaker attempts to find him a suitable partner. Unfortunately they either have the wrong birth sign or their social status exceeds his.

When Tuan finds an abnormally large snail and begins to care for it, something magical happens to him. Each evening he returns home after tending to his vegetable field to find a splendid home cooked meal, each more tasty and grand than the last.

I won’t give away who is responsible and spoil the ending for you.

The folk tale has a positive message about karma. If you work hard and are kind, good things will happen to you.

I think you’ll agree that the illustrations are beautiful, rich in both style and texture.

Published by Flying Eye Books