How to Find Gold By Viviane Schwarz

I get a lot of books in the post; it can be hard to keep up with them at times. Not that I am complaining, I get so much joy from them all. But, every now and then I open a package; pull out a book and recognise the distinctive style of one of my favourite illustrators and I become incredibly excited. For me, Viviane Schwarz is one of those illustrators; her books are innovative and inspired, filled with imaginative story lines and fascinating characters. So, as you can imagine I was very happy to find this on kitchen table when I got home from school.

It’s a book about friendship and imaginative play that depicts the spirit of childhood adventure.

Published by Walker Books.

I Am Henry Finch By Alexis Deacon Illustrated by Viviane Schwarz

Every now and then a picture book collaboration comes along that is really exciting: Mac Barnet & Jon Klassen; Lemony Snicket & Jon Klassen; Mac Barnet & Christian Robinson.

Currently, Alexis Deacon & Viviane Schwarz, two outstanding picture book creators. Beegu by Alexis Deacon is one of my all time favourite picture books.

I Am Henry Finch is a blindingly brilliant book about courage and making a difference. It’s a picture book for the young philosopher. As Descartes famously said, ‘I think, therefore I am’ or was that Henry Finch? The philosophical proof of existence based on the fact that something capable of any form of thought necessarily exists.

Henry Finch is an inspiration to all other ambitious winged creatures that strive for greatness.

Out now & published by Walker Books.

Welcome to your Awesome Robot by Viviane Schwarz

Build your very own awesome automaton step by step from a base unit to the towering, terrifying, tremor-triggering robot of your dreams.

This book provides everything you need to create a robot costume from objects you’d normally just throw out and have a fun day in!

Designed to be enjoyed by children with an adult on hand – this book provides perfect material for a fun family activity day or a kids’ workshop. Viviane Schwarz has illustrated hilarious comics throughout the book to explain the blueprint instruction pages, so this is just as much a story as it is an activity book.

Flying Eye Books